Earlier this month the Lean Workshop Group held two training day events at the magnificent Fanuc UK facility outside Coventry.

Over the two days some 80 delegates attended the free training event.  They came from a broad spectrum of manufacturing industries and functions including automotive, aerospace, automation and logistics all keen to learn more about lean manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0 concepts.

The Training day

The full-size manufacturing and logistics training area embodies the latest developments in Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technology and uses the latest equipment from Lean Workshop Group companies.

The equipment and products are used in a wide range of applications to demonstrate how effectively Lean Manufacturing handles present-day requirements for high volume, high-mix production.

The event includes practical and interactive sessions during which the delegates put into practice the techniques being taught.

There is also ample opportunity for delegates to discuss their own specific issues and requirements with the group partners.

Process optimisation systems from WERMA

Delegates were able to experience two of the innovative andon light based optimisation systems from WERMA:

AndonSPEED is an andon light based wireless call for action system which is proving popular in many logistics operations as well as industrial operations, manual workstations. The system will identify bottlenecks in the logistics system and speed up response to disruptions to production by notifying the team required to intervene. Operators call for action from their workstation, that call being transmitted wirelessly to the service required to intervene and respond, dramatically reducing time wastes by leaving the workstation to look for help.

An innovative Kanban stock movement monitoring and replenishment system StockSAVER forms part of the logistics operation demonstrated at the event. It uses intelligent monitoring points to monitor and manage line side stock levels and automatically generate replenishment calls wirelessly. Will help reduce excessive line side stock, improve cash flow and optimise the Kanban process.

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