ELGA Process Water’s Aqumove team is launching the first ultrafiltration mobile unit for industrial water treatment, the Aquamove MOFI-UF-65C.

This new solution is designed to treat water with suspended solids and organics with high fouling index. It is suitable for surface water treatment, pre-treatment upstream of reverse osmosis or ion exchange, wastewater treatment and water re-use applications. Housed in a 40-inch container, the Aquamove MOFI-UF unit is compact and easily transportable. This high capacity ultrafiltration mobile unit, developed by membrane technology experts, is available on short or long term hire. The Aquamove MOFI-UF-65C produces a flow-rate of 20 – 100 m3/hr depending on your water quality, with a nominal rate of 65m3/hr. Remote monitoring facilitates maintenance and ensures optimum operation.

The new mobile unit is supported by the Aquamove team for planned temporary interventions to ensure production continuity or for emergency hire, and can be used with other Aquamove units to meet a range of water treatment requirements.

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