Standex-Meder Electronics, a global manufacturer of precise, reliable, and long-lasting sensors and magnetic components, has announced the acquisition of Planar Quality (“PCQ”) in Boca Raton, Florida effective June 11th, 2014.

The acquisition of PQC brings Standex-Meder Electronics a broad offering of planar magnetic products. Planar magnetic products are low profile, highly efficient transformers with minimal electromagnetic interference that are used for very demanding power supply applications in the aerospace, medical, defense, communications, industrial and automotive industries.

According to John Meeks, Standex-Meder Electronics, president, “Our collaboration enhances our organisation’s capabilities and engineering resources to design custom planar magnetic configurations.” He added, “The assimilation of PQC parts, designs, and engineering improve our capabilities in providing magnetics solutions. Further synergy and capabilities are also achieved with Standex-Meder Electronics ITAR, ISO9000, TS16949, and AS9100 certifications and qualifications.”

The combination of thePQC products, existing planar products, and the global manufacturing and sales footprint improves capacity and capabilities for existing Standex-Meder Electronics and PQC customers. The Planar Quality Corporation team will continue providing planar magnetic design services to Standex-Meder to support customers, building upon the solid product engineering foundation both companies have established.