The new, rugged IR thermometer logs up to 99 data points eliminating the need to manually record measurements

Temperature events rarely occur while technicians are around to capture them, complicating the troubleshooting of electrical, HVAC, and industrial equipment. The new Fluke 64 MAX IR Thermometer features Auto Capture, allowing technicians set time and intervals to record up to 99 data points unattended so it can capture elusive temperature events. The thermometer can be mounted on a standard tripod using its included tripod mount accessory for unattended measurements.

The lightweight, compact, and rugged Fluke 64 MAX also features:

  • Precise laser technology for more accurate (up to ±1° C or ±1% of reading whichever is greater) and repeatable measurements
  • 30 hours of battery life to capture measurements over a long period of time
  • IP54 rated for extra protection against airborne contaminants in harsh, dirty environments
  • A flashlight and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display for easy viewing even in dark settings.

The Fluke 64 MAX displays minimum, maximum, or average temperature, or the difference between two measurements, and features Hi and Lo alarms for rapid display of measurements outside set limits. It is designed to survive a three-metre drop and continue to operate, making it ideal for industrial and field environments.

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