In a drop from its original price of £4796 + VAT when it was released, FLIR has positioned its high-end E8 MSX-enhanced thermal imaging camera within the reach of potential buyers who might have otherwise opted for a mid-range model.

With immediate effect until the end of September 2014, the price of the FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera is reduced by £1761 to £3035 + VAT. The E8 provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel.

One of the most common problems associated with thermal cameras is the presentation of an image after capture. Since thermal images alone do not use visible light and instead display the image as a heat map, it can be difficult to pick out details and see what the camera was pointing at when the image was captured.

With a resolution of 320×240 pixels, the FLIR E8 can scan an entire area, no matter how small. It also makes the camera much easier to use in real time, allowing the user to instantly see how heat is distributed over an area without any of the traditional blurring usually found on conventional thermal systems.

The patented multi-spectral imaging (MSX) capability of the FLIR E-Series actively blends together thermal and standard digital images to enhance the detail of an image. With MSX enabled, the detail is taken from the digital image and blended with the infrared image, making it easier to identify what the camera was pointing at.

The E8 has good infrared resolution for its price point and because it has higher resolution, more temperature points are crammed into images, making it easier to spot problems.

The FLIR E8 is the highest specification model available in the Ex series and this shows in its ability to spot temperature levels with accuracy. This camera is able to spot temperature differences of under 0.06 degrees centigrade.

A new added feature for the FLIR E8 – manual level and span thermal tuning – provides flexible control over brightness and contrast that helps make it easier to see subtler temperature differences and better-defined detail. This new feature is now also available on the FLIR E6 with a resolution of 160×120 pixels.

The camera is lightweight, reducing any strain on the arm when operating, which means shots can be lined up with precision, while its pistol-shaped design gives easy access to all functions with just the touch of a finger, whether it is pointed at the floor, walls or high up on a ceiling.

For further information, please visit PASS Ltd’s FLIR E8 web page.