CP Automation teams up with Spanish motor expert VASCAT
Supply and repair specialist CP Automation and motor manufacturer VASCAT are working together to challenge the way companies commission industrial motors. Through electrical and mechanical customisation, VASCAT adapts each motor’s design to reflect the requirements of specific applications. Together, CP Automation and VASCAT can offer a complete motor and inverter drive solution even for the most complex industrial projects. 
VASCAT and CP Automation are calling for engineers to opt for customised motors instead of off-the-shelf solutions to help improve the performance and accuracy of the application and increase overall system productivity.
“Our two companies see eye to eye when it comes to commissioning a new drive system,” explained John Mitchell, global business development manager of CP Automation. “In most cases, choosing a standard motor will involve some kind of compromise. However, by commissioning a custom-made motor instead, a company can significantly reduce the size of the inverter it uses, which results in considerable energy and cost savings in the long run.”
“The VASCAT-CP Automation collaboration means customers in the UK and internationally benefit from no minimum order quantities, short product delivery times and stronger technical support,” continued Xavier Palomar, sales and marketing manager of VASCAT. “Because VASCAT’s motors are not commodity products, we prefer to work with technically-oriented partners that can help us offer a complete drive system solution for different application across industry sectors.”
VASCAT and CP Automation have already worked together on projects to retrofit old machines and installations in the steel sector and replace older generation motors with more efficient ones, built to the same specifications.
VASCAT offers solutions for low and high-speed motors. VASCAT’s gearless high-torque low-speed synchronous motors allow the elimination of gearboxes, belts and pulleys by directly coupling the motor to the load. VASCAT direct drive motors are available with outputs from 2kW to 340kW in the 100RPM to 1000RPM range, which makes them ideal for applications in renewable energy, converting, testing systems, metal processing lines and more.
VASCAT’s high-speed asynchronous vector motors ensure the high dynamic performance required by power train and engine dynamometers, energy recovery and test rig applications.
CP Automation specialises in the supply, repair and field service for industrial electronic boards, PLCs, AC and DC drives, resistors and inverters.