Another satisfied customer for Abssac required a more sophisticated nut design for use within a hot glue gun dispensing machine.

By supplying a specifically designed bronze nut to match a 20mm diameter by 4mm lead trapezoidal power screw, the bronze nut was then meticulously separated into two working halves. When the two halves of the nut were brought together via a precision slide arrangement, also supplied by Abssac, the nut functioned in complete confidence as if it were whole.

The captivated nut which also allowed the mounting of a dispensing glue gun could then traverse the screw length as normal. The hot glue was accurately dispensed, but then at the end of travel the nut separated and returned quickly to the start position. This meant that the screw required only one direction of travel and reduced the cycle time for the glue head to return to the start position.

To date many bespoke nut designs have been supplied, including optical mounts, cams, external threads, mounting holes, pulley grooves, tangs and linear guides to name a few. Lead screw sizes range from 1mm diameter up to 100mm with a wide range of both metric and imperial leads per diameter. Nuts can be manufactured in just about any machineable material including Bronze, steels and advanced plastics such as Delrin, PTFE or Turcite.

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