Parker Hannifin has broadened its range of bent axis piston pumps, offering greater choice and flexibility in size, while providing the same high performance operation to boost production output and profitability. The latest addition to the F11 series, the F11-6, has been introduced to offer speed, efficiency and pressure in many motor applications, including fan drives, saw motors and construction machinery.

The new F11-6 is said to feature a compact, lightweight, robust and reliable construction with few moving parts for dependable operation at pressures up to 420 bar, at high speeds and accelerations. The use of heavy duty roller bearings enables each pump to withstand substantial external axial and radial shaft loads, while laminated piston rings ensure low internal leakage and resistance to thermal shocks. High precision valve plates allow increased self-priming speed and low noise operation. These features are said to make pumps function reliably under even the most demanding environmental conditions.